Web Development

Web Site Development Consulting:

Many factors can hinder your site’s maximum possible performance. Poor navigational structure, frames, image maps, misuse of multimedia effects and graphics, and lack of proper hosting are among a few of the most common problems that Web site owners face. The ideal time to start thinking about search engine optimization for your Web site is before the site’s creation has even started.
Hiring a development consultant that is knowledgeable in the art of search engine optimization to guide your site’s creation can help to ensure that you do not fall prey to these types of problems. Fixing structural issues often requires an entire makeover of your site resulting in thousands and thousands of wasted dollars.
If search engine marketing is important to the success of your site, you must design it to be as “search engine friendly” as possible from the start. Web designers and developers often do not realize that spiders cannot index text contained within graphics, especially text inside Flash files. You cannot rely entire on Meta tags to attain top ranking positions, site copy is important too!
MPI’s search engine optimization consultants will work directly with your developer, whether that be our own in-house development team or another company’s, to ensure that your site is not doomed to failure from the start. We will recommend proper technology usage, coding convention, and alternatives to areas that we consider being problematic all while explaining the reasoning behind our recommendations as well as advantages/disadvantages.

Our Search Engine Optimization Guarantees:

Due to the volatility and secretive nature of search engine algorithms as well as the large number of potential competitors for any product or service offering, MPI does not offer any official guarantees in regards to search engine performance.
We will however, in our analysis reports, give projections about the likelihood of attaining top rankings for your specified keywords. No matter how confident we are in our ability to achieve such rankings for you, we cannot offer a written guarantee! This is a typical practice in the SEO industry. Companies that offer placement guarantees are usually only using PPC methods or offering you guarantees for non-competitive terms for which attaining top results is trivial.

Search Engine Keyword and Key phrase Research:

Keywords are the important words describing your Web site. They should appear throughout your site within page titles, Meta tags, and page copy. Research of all your Web site’s relevant keywords and phrases is the first step in your search engine positioning campaign. Ideally, it should even come before the development of your site begins! Sites created with an emphasis on keywords and proper structure from inception enjoy optimal results.
Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are most effective if you target the proper keywords to bring the right visitors into your site. Using various research tools and linguistic resources, MPI analyzes and researches the appropriate keywords for an effective search engine positioning campaign. In most cases, we compile a list of additional keywords which generates extra traffic that would not have otherwise found you!
We have a great understanding of natural search engine query language through years of experience and research. Our tools allow us to target the relevant words and phrases people are actually searching for, not just the ones you think they are. This drives highly-qualified visitors and potential customers to your site.
The frequency of your keywords, often referred to as keyword density, on individual pages and throughout the entire site also plays a role in your site’s search engine ranking. Overuse and repetition can be considered spam which most major search engines will penalize you for. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t repeat! Major keywords and phrases should appear at least once in your page title, Meta tags and page copy!
As your business grows and changes, your product and service offerings will change as well; so too will the needs of your Web site. MPI continually conducts keyword research along with site traffic analysis and trends on your behalf throughout the term of your SEO contract. If we feel that keywords must be added or removed, or anything for that matter should be changed, we will inform you immediately.

Search Engine and Directory Submission Services:
Are you confused with all the information concerning search engine optimization and the ranking of your web site? You have probably seen the ads where companies claim they submit your site to thousands and thousands of search engines. This practice is almost entirely useless!
The truth is that there’s only a small handful of search engines that matter and drive the results of the rest. Through being indexed and ranked highly in these engines you will be able to reach over 80% of the Internet’s visitor traffic.
Submitting your site to be indexed by search engines and directories used to be a fairly straight-forward and inexpensive process. When you are submitting it is important to understand the following:

•    What search engines and directories really matter?
•    Does your listing in a particular search engine/directory affect your listing and rank in other search engines/directories?
•    How frequently should your site be submitted? Is there a penalty for submitting too often? What pages should I submit?
•    If you must pay for inclusion, will you get a return on your investment?
•    What is the size of the audience that the search engine/directory has?

We have the answers to these questions and will get your site crawled and indexed in no time. After being indexed, our search engine optimization and promotion services will get your site ranked higher for your specific keywords and key-phrases.

Link Popularity Improvement Services

Link popularity is a combination of the total number of web sites that link to your site and the quality of those links. This is one of the few off-page site optimization factors and is the single most important factor in attaining high positioning on major search engines for competitive keywords.
The quality of the links is determined by a large number of factors, all of which are unknown to any SEO consultant. Among these factors are the content of the site being linked from, that site’s own link popularity, the quality of the page that is linking to you, and the theme and industry of that site in relation to yours. While all search engines have their own secret algorithms, those that use link popularity as a factor will certainly include some or all of these factors.
The manner in which a web site links to you and the words used in the link text, often referred to as “anchor text,” also play a role in your search engine positioning. Many sites utilize jump scripts for various reasons, but these types of links are not as useful to your link popularity as standard hyperlinks.
Choosing sites to link with is not as simple as it may seem. At first glance, one might just go and request the first 1,000 web sites in their industry to link to them. That would bring them a good number of links, however while some links are beneficial to your rankings, others will cause you penalties. Most search engines do not appreciate any kind of spam, and “link farms” count as spam in our book.
Not only does improving your link popularity boost search engine ranking, but it also brings in traffic. While the vast majority of your visitors will come from a combination of traffic from multiple search engines, it is possible that if you have good link development that the combined visitors from your links will equal that of at least one search engine.
Increasing the number of quality links is a critical aspect of any web site promotion campaign. Our search engine optimization service helps determine which sites you should requests links from and we will go out and try to get them for you.

Web Site Analytic Services:

Daily visitor traffic analysis is an essential element to a Web site’s long-term success. This means more than just viewing a standard web statistics page or referral log, although they play an important part. A successful Internet marketing strategy requires constant vigilance and research.
Analysis is done by going through the steps a typical visitor performs for each of the products and services you are optimized for. Comprehensive site logging keeps track of all notable tasks your visitors perform. We record which pages people are clicking on and from which search engines they come. Often times serious programming errors are overlooked during development but show up during analysis!
Traffic analysis allows you to:

•    identify user trends and visiting habits
•    identify which external links bring you the most visitors
•    identify which keywords/key-phrases bring you the most visitors
•    identify which search engines bring you the most visitors
•    identify which pages cause visitors to leave your site and not return
•    identify which pages successfully “convert” visitors
•    calculate ROI both campaign-wide and for specific keywords

Ultimately, the goal of all this is to learn which pages successfully “convert” your visitor, whether that means buying a product, requesting additional information, registering on your site, etc. Knowing which pages bring the best results allows you to focus your efforts on problem areas and increases overall site conversion.
MPI strongly recommends all SEO clients to be hosted on our servers to take advantage of our advanced site analytic methods, especially if you’re looking for long-term results. We will not install our own proprietary software on foreign servers, even if exclusive root privileges are provided!
Our search engine optimization services make up a complete Internet marketing solution. Clients can quickly calculate their costs per visitor and cost per “conversion” for every targeted keyword through natural searches as well as PPC programs. Results of your marketing campaign i.e. email newsletters, banners, purchased links, and direct mailings can be calculated provided that your web site is used as the vehicle to coordinate sales inquiry requests.