We Care For

Thank you to spend some of your valuable time, this section will help you to understand the fields we are covering regarding IT (Computer related) & surveillance system. We are focusing specially on these following products; I also include the list of our associates, brand partners and some of our clients. We assure you the best services and products.

Branded Computers:

IBM & Lenovo
Thin Clients



Servers & Workstations:

Dell Servers, Standard & Customized Machines
HP Servers, Standard & Customized Machines
IBM Servers, Standard & Customized Machines

Server Accessories:

Server Racks, Cabins and Rack accessories, such as Fans, PDUs, cable managements etc.

Unbranded computers:

All types unbranded computers, servers, with Original Intel /AMD based products.

Other Accessories:

(Genuine channel products)
All types of Keyboards, Mouse, web cam.
Storage Drives:

(All types i.e., IDE, EIDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, SSD internal /external/network drives)
Seagate Hard Drives
Seagate, Intel & Kingston SSD
Western Digital Hard Drives
Tape drives various models, external drives.


We prefer Kingston (lifetime warranty) Memory
Crosier High Speed Memory & ADATA Memory

Graphic Cards:

Various type of graphic card for different purpose

Optical Drives:

Various Models of DVD & Blue-ray Optical Media reader/writers.

Monitors / Display Screen & Projectors:

View Sonic LED Display & multimedia projectors
ACER LED Display & multimedia projectors
Hitachi Multimedia Projectors
Dell, HP, Samsung & Philips LED Displays
Multimedia Projector Screens & Stands

Printers & Accessories:

HP Laser, Desk Jet & Multi-function (All in One) products.
Samsung Laser & Multi-function (All in One) products.
EPSON impact printers.
Original Toners & Cartridges for Printers

Networking Products:

All networking products including wired & wireless solutions,
cables, connectors and other related products

Microsoft & Other Licenses

All Microsoft Software licenses & media.
All Antivirus & security software.
Other software Licenses.

Used PC, Monitors & accessories:

We do not recommend used PC, Monitors & accessories, however, available on demand.

Security & Surveillance Systems & equipment:

All Types of Surveillance camera
Various Type of DVR /NVR Cards
Various Type of DVR / NVR Systems
Security Scanner Gates
Security Handy Scanners
Other High Level Security Scanner Cabins & Capsules (Normal / Bullet proof)

Our Services:

Networking, wireless & wired
Contract based services, maintenance, physical cleaning
Installation & setup (servers, clients & stand alone PCs)
Installation & setup Surveillance system for local and remote monitoring / recording.
Domain name & web hosting services